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The IELTS Speaking Test Preparation Pack

All-in-one package of materials to help you get a high band in the IELTS Speaking test. Download it today.

Do you need band 6.5 or higher?

First, the 'bad' news ...

For many IELTS candidates, it is very difficult to get a high band in the speaking test. According to official reports for 2012, test takers from the top 40 countries scored around Band 6 on average. In certain parts of the world, for example East Asia, the average score was much lower.

To get a high band in the Speaking test, you must:

  • have the ability to talk about everyday topics
  • use synonyms and 'less common' words
  • use a mix of grammar structures correctly
  • talk without pausing and hesitating too much
  • speak English in a natural way
  • have good pronunciation

Now, the good news ...

The good news is that you can learn these skills, even if you cannot practise with native speakers every day.

This is because:

  • There are only a limited number of possible topics in the test -- this means you can easily learn the vocabulary that you might need.
  • A few types of questions and tasks appear again and again in the test -- this means that you can easily study specific grammar structures that you may need to use.
  • You can learn special time-filling strategies to help you speak without hesitating -- even if you are nervous.
  • You can quickly learn to speak English in a more natural way by learning about your typical mistakes and correcting them.
  • You don't need to speak with a British, American or Australian accent. Good pronunciation means that the examiner can understand you very clearly.

To help you learn these skills quickly and save you a lot of time and money, I've created the all-in-one IELTS Speaking Test Preparation pack.


What's in the package?

The package contains four eBooks, audio materials plus extra resources to help you succeed in the test.

Speaking tips eBook

A complete eBook of essential tips, strategies and sample answers.
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Speaking tips audio book

An audio version of the useful units and sample answers.
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Typical mistakes eBook

This 50-page eBook presents and corrects 101 typical mistakes.
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Vocabulary for part 2 eBook

Useful words, phrases and sample answers for cue cards in Part 2.
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Synonyms for Band 7-9

A list of useful synonyms and examples of their use for Band 7-9.
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Sample answers eBook

This eBook presents sample answers for Part 1 of the test. With audio!
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Preview the materials

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Read some reviews

Read what people say about the IELTS Speaking Test Preparation Package.


"The IELTS Speaking Test Preparation package helped me a lot in my test. It's a very good investment!"

— Elise Zhang Former IELTS student, Singapore

"I have found the information very useful for myself because of its preciseness. It's very necessary for everybody who is planning to sit for IELTS."

— Naylya Djumaeva IELTS student, Uzbekistan

"I used the tips and strategies in my test and they were really useful. They helped me get band 7.5."

— Anna Tarlaga Former IELTS student, Poland

"There is a lot of useful materials in this package. It's very difficult to find this kind of information on the Internet. Thanks."

— Jose Zerpa IELTS student, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

"Thanks to your advice and help, I got Band 8.5 in my Speaking test!"

— Tatiana Former IELTS student, Moscow


Download the full package

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If you are not satisfied with this product, let me know within 7 days and I will give you a refund. See my refund policy.


About the author

I've been working in the field of languages for over 12 years .

After my graduation from University College London, I've been a freelance English language teacher, blogger, content developer and e-learning website co-founder. I've helped many students prepare for their IELTS speaking tests using the strategies, tips and vocabulary in this package. I want to help you do well with my materials.

Drop me a line if you have any questions or visit my blog.