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Reach your Target Band in Less Time.

Learn why most candidates do poorly in the IELTS Speaking test and how you can improve your Band in a short time. Watch the video.


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"The Masterclass materials helped me a lot in my test. It's a very good investment!"

— Elise Zhang Former IELTS student, Singapore

"I have found the information very useful for myself because of its preciseness. It's very necessary for everybody who is planning to sit for IELTS."

— Naylya Djumaeva IELTS student, Uzbekistan

"I used the tips and strategies in my test and they were really useful. They helped me get band 7.5."

— Anna Tarlaga Former IELTS student, Poland

"There is a lot of useful materials in this package. It's very difficult to find this kind of information on the Internet. Thanks."

— Jose IELTS student, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

"Thanks for your support and materials. I made use of it ...it helped me in Part 2 in particular."

— Durai Swamy IELTS student, India

"Your Masterclass course is excellent. Keep up the good work."

— Latafat IELTS candidate, Pakistan

"Thanks to your advice and help, I got Band 8.5 in my Speaking test!"

— Tatiana Former IELTS student, Moscow

"What useful vocabulary! Thank you for your posting. With you, I can improve more my English."

— Catherine Minh IELTS candidate

"Your tips are really helpful for my ielts exam."

— Upal IELTS candidate

"Thanks very much for the updates on IELTS Speaking Tip of the Day. It’s really interesting and I’ve learnt a lot. That’s really kind of you. Hoping to buy your e-books soon."

— Nkire Charity IELTS candidate

"Thank you very much .. is really helpful."

— Gabriel IELTS candidate

"Thank you very much, Nestor! Your tips have been very great. I have learned a lot from you. Thank you, again!"

— Abror IELTS candidate

"Thank u sir. It was very useful. I am reading every day"

— Rachal IELTS candidate

"That's a extraordinary tip! I've been practicing as you advised above and often asking myself that am I learning in a right way or not. Now I'm clearly understand and gonna keep it what i am doing."

— Karthick IELTS candidate

"Thanks a lot! The past days, I read all things that you give me. It really help me very much in practicing my speaking English."

— Ngoc diep IELTS candidate

"I have read through the package, and I found it useful. May God bless you."

— Timothy IELTS candidate

"I am using your speaking material now. It is tremendously helpful for me."

— Shinichi IELTS candidate, Japan

"It’s absolutely fantastic and making me to correct my mistakes! Plz help me out to get good score in ielts."

— Vinay IELTS candidate

"Very useful tips!"

— Elizabeth IELTS candidate

"It helps all trainers train better and easier. Every one who sits on her desk and trains English should appreciate you. yours"

— M.YEKTA IELTS trainer

"Thanks a lot for your effort to help people to improve English! That’s great!!!"

— Guranda IELTS candidate

About the author

I've been working in the field of languages for over 12 years .

I've been a freelance English language teacher, blogger, content developer and e-learning website co-founder. I've helped many students prepare for their IELTS speaking tests using the strategies, tips and vocabulary in the Masterclass videos and materials.

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