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"I just want to thank you for the very helpful tips you have shared with me. I was able to gain the band score 7 in my speaking test in a very short time of practice.I will be sharing these ideas with friends.Thank you again for the very big support!"

— Palangga Tutsgarry Former IELTS student, Phillippines

"Dear Sir, I would like to thank you for your help. Best wishes, Quyn"

— Quyn IELTS student, Vietnam

"Thank you so much for your tips, videos and very little tip regarding speaking. I got band 7 in speaking :D . I am soo glad that I found-out the best tutor. Once again thanks alot for your e-mails."

— Sumera Khan Former IELTS student

"Thanks so much for the IELTS speaking tips,is so helpful to me, I will be taking my exam on 16th of this month."

— Joy IELTS student

"Thank you for sending me the tips. They are very useful to me."

— Thu Nguyet, Vietnam IELTS student

"Thanks your steps are amazing :) :)."

— Asma IELTS student

"Thanks to your advice and help, I got Band 8.5 in my Speaking test!"

— Tatiana Former IELTS student, Moscow

"What useful vocabulary! Thank you for your posting. With you, I can improve more my English."

— Catherine Minh IELTS candidate

"Your tips are really helpful for my ielts exam."

— Upal IELTS candidate

"Thanks very much for the updates on IELTS Speaking Tip of the Day. It’s really interesting and I’ve learnt a lot. That’s really kind of you. Hoping to buy your e-books soon."

— Nkire Charity IELTS candidate

"Thank you very much .. is really helpful."

— Gabriel IELTS candidate

"Thank you very much, Nestor! Your tips have been very great. I have learned a lot from you. Thank you, again!"

— Abror IELTS candidate

"Thank u sir. It was very useful. I am reading every day"

— Rachal IELTS candidate

"That's a extraordinary tip! I've been practicing as you advised above and often asking myself that am I learning in a right way or not. Now I'm clearly understand and gonna keep it what i am doing."

— Karthick IELTS candidate

"Thanks a lot! The past days, I read all things that you give me. It really help me very much in practicing my speaking English."

— Ngoc diep IELTS candidate

"It’s absolutely fantastic and making me to correct my mistakes! Plz help me out to get good score in ielts."

— Vinay IELTS candidate

"Very useful tips!"

— Elizabeth IELTS candidate

"It helps all trainers train better and easier. Every one who sits on her desk and trains English should appreciate you. yours"

— M.YEKTA IELTS trainer

"Thanks a lot for your effort to help people to improve English! That’s great!!!"

— Guranda IELTS candidate

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I've been a freelance English language teacher, blogger, content developer and e-learning website co-founder. I've helped many students prepare for their IELTS speaking tests using the strategies, tips and vocabulary that I'm going to share with you.